John Brennan

John Brennan had a professional 50-year career as a military engineer. During those years, he had experiences that he initially could not explain …. e.g., how a crutch suddenly appeared when he broke his leg in the Ventana wilderness.

He commenced an apprenticeship with Tom Little Bear Nason of the Esselen Tribe after meeting him on Earth Day in 1990. After John’s first vision quest, Little Bear named him Polomo, which means mountain in the Esselen language.  John seemed to be always away in the Sierra when Bear needed him.

After retiring as a civil engineer, Polomo sought answers to the questions during his prior career. He found some answers in Native American ceremonies, such as sweat lodges and vision quests. When he sought further knowledge about non-ordinary events, he found teachers such as Sandra Ingerman, Hank Wesselman, Michael Harner, and Betsy Bergstrom, who taught him about shamanism and events in non-ordinary reality: the spirit world.

Shasta Shaman is the name of Polomo’s healing center located near Mt. Shasta herself. Mt. Shasta lends her healing energy to Polomo’s work.