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Shamanic Services for Healing and Discovery

Image of John P Brennan sitting at the edge of a forest drumming.

Shasta Shaman Overview

John Brennan’s work as a shamanic practitioner involves various healing modalities. Preferably the healing work is carried out here on the land we call Ravensites, but I can travel to any place you feel the most comfortable. Healing work can often be best accomplished in the presence of your community of friends. Your comfort, openness, and trust are vital to embark on a healing path.

I have worked extensively with persons having chemical addictions, mostly in AA.

cut log round with a piece missing

Soul Retrieval

Shamanic practitioners travel to non-ordinary reality with their own power animals to retrieve the lost soul for the client. Upon returning, shamanic practitioners infuse the patient with the healthy soul part.

Power Animal Retrieval

Every person has power animals who are compassionate helping spirits. Shamanic practitioners journey to non-ordinary reality to retrieve the departed power animals.

View from Shasta Shaman land of Mt. Shasta with a lenticular cloud at sunrise


Depossession removes the adverse soul part acquired from others: fearful relatives, jealous acquaintances, or former lovers. Shamanic practitioners can cut or extract what tugs at a client’s soul.

Brain Shift:
From Head to Heart

Memoir by John P Brennan
John Brennan practices at Shasta Shaman
John Brennan is also known by his Esselen name, Polomo. As a student of shamanism, he completes the life-long journey from a military engineer to a shaman.
Brain Shift: From Head to Heart book by John P. Brennan


…. We opened the barbed wire gate and trod uphill to the low summit. There we saw a meadow carpeted by grasses of different shades, punctuated by Ponderosa pines, bordered by sandstone cliffs on the east, and Pine Valley Creek on the west. The Esselen summer hunting camp. Now I knew why we had turned back 6 years ago…. 

from Brain Shift: From Head to Heart
—John P Brennan

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